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Doug Walker Has Finished A:TLA, Will Be Vlogging Korra

Doug Walker, of The Nostalgia Critic internet fame, has finished his Vlog journey through Avatar: The Last Airbender (that video contains massive spoilers for the end of the series, if you haven't seen it yet), in preparation for reviewing the M. Night Shyamalan movie (which, I should remind you, doesn't exist).

He says, in his final Vlog, that not only has Avatar: The Last Airbender become his new favorite show of all time (replacing Daria), but that he will, in fact, be doing Vlogs for each Korra episode (including the new ones airing next month).

The Last Airbender (movie) review is scheduled 4 weeks from now. (An editorial this week, one he shot at ConBravo next week, another editorial, and then the one we're all waiting for.)

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