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Download the Entire First Season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend for Free on iTunes (for a limited time)

Hey, have I told you about this awesome new show called Crazy Ex-Girlfriend? And how it’s a dark romantic comedy musical? Well, how would you like to watch the entire first season...for FREE? You would? Well, you’re in luck (although not so much if you live outside the US). For a limited time, iTunes has the entire first season for free to download.

Oh, you’re still here? Reading this post? You want to know more about the show? Even though I’ve posted about it lots already? You also want me to stop asking questions and just get on with it? Okay then:

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, created by Rachel Bloom and Aline Brosh McKenna, is about Rebecca Bunch (played by Bloom) who...well, let’s let the theme song sing it for us:

Rebecca was a New York lawyer who was suffering from depression and anxiety until one day she ran into her summer camp ex-boyfriend, Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez III), who made her feel so happy that she impulsively decided to quit her job and move to where he lived in West Covina, California. My, that sounds like a typical romantic comedy, now doesn’t it?


Except for the fact that 1) Rebecca is, as the theme song states, “so broken inside” and even though she is searching for her own happiness, she is definitely searching in the wrong place and doing the wrong things and 2) she occasionally imagines herself and others bursting into song. These two combine to create a character that Bloom describes as a “bubbly Walter White,” an anti-hero who deludes herself and others in an attempt to find some form of connection and wholeness.

Things tend to not work at well. For example, when she tries having a one-night stand:

Or when she sees that Josh is moving in with his hot yoga instructor girlfriend Valencia and she sinks into a depression:

There’s more, but I really hope that you watch the entire show. It’s a hilarious and fascinating deconstruction on the romantic comedy, showing exactly how unhinged and depressed someone has to be to uproot their entire lives to be closer to someone they barely know. I could go on and on about how it also deconstructs the “nice guy” in romantic comedies and also the “evil girlfriend” (Valencia starts off that way, but ends up way more sympathetic), but really, you should just watch it.


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