You totally should. It's amazing.

Particular highlights for me:

- Shepard's Tango: Because it brings to mind the most adorable part of the DLC - FemShep and Garrus twirling around the dancefloor. Show me yo' moves, Commander!

- Combat Simulator (Mirror): It's got that great synthy vibe all good Mass Effect tracks do, but there's the slightest, tiniest hint of Mass Effect's main leitmotif in there that just elevates it to something truly special.

- Lost in You: Because Sam Hulick's lighter toned remake of the fantastic I was Lost without You retains all the heart of the original track, but adds a bounce to it, and a sense of optimism. A happier romance theme for happier times.


- The End...: It's happy. And its sad. It's triumphant (so, so triumphant), yet there's an echo of solemnity to it. There's a knowing-ness in it that underscores the players feelings that yes, this was the Normandy crew's last hurrah, and it works beautifully.

- And last but not least... Because how could I not?

"The best times of my life were spent on that ship. Been a damn good ride."

"... The best."

You can download the entire 20 track zip file for free from the Bioware Social Network, here. You might have to sign in to BSN/register an account.