Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

So am I the only one who missed "Under the Dome" because it started 25 minutes late? This is usually a disaster on CBS, the most backwards content provider in existence. They don't do HULU or On Demand. They advertise full episodes on their websites, but they are clips. They might as well put a disclaimer on their home page: "We don't understand this newfangled way of watching shows when you want to, so just go ahead and pirate them. That's easier than us hiring someone who's income isn't supplemented by Social Security to help us figure it out."

But this time, they are at least making a token effort. Having noticed that this was the lowest watched episode of the series by a huge margin, it has penetrated their fossilized brains that maybe they should do something about that. Maybe people want to keep up with a serialized drama since you can't lose track of the story arc in a show like this and maybe it's not "Generic Police Procedral #734” or "'Manix." Maybe they should encourage people to get engrossed in the story instead of just putting some crap on between the all important commercials.


The show will be re-aired Saturday night.


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