So i'm a little over 20 hours in, with only 5 (6? cant remember) mission, Bioware just turned up the wick and i've just completely wigged out. I totally had to take a step back cause it was just getting hardcore with the story. NO SPOILERS

Since there's no way in hell I wanna spoil the story for anyone, all i'll say is so far, its easily as good as any of the Mass Effects. Its been a tiny bit formulaic in places, I suppose but since, for me that formula works, i cant complain.

And the best bit is i don't think i've even that far into the campaign itself since i've been doing every side mission I trip over... I'm told its a 7o-80 hour campaign so there's so much more yet to come!

And its just FRAKKIN GORGEOUS! Its like Skyrim on steroids and its runs magnificently on my (admittedly old but still beasty) PC.


Some of the cutscenes are just breathtaking... i've noticed that this and Far Cry 4 have really gone to town with facial textures and such and are totally giving us lots of dramatic closeups, letting you see the pores and sweat.

Some of the less dramatic/key scenes are still a bit dodgy in places. Bioware still cant do teeth but that's an old, comfortable joke. :)


I've been playing all weekend and i've totally crossed the line from playing the game to living it now... Dragon Age Inquisition has worked its immersion magic once more!

I should turn myself in to the Templars...