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Dragon Ball Super Ep1 Review: An Okay Start

Well people, Dragon Ball is finally back on Television after being absent for so long, with the new series Dragon Ball Super airing today. As a massive Dragon Ball fan, I was really excited to see it and today’s episode was… odd.

Note: Spoiler Bellow and also be aware that the version I watched was a fan subbed. From the Japanese I know, it seemed to be accurate. However If I have made a mistake with the dialogue, please let me know.


The episode takes place 6 months after the destruction of Kid Boo and before the event of two most recent films & Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!! This is unless if Super doesn’t recton the special and movies which would be an odd decision, given how the creators made a big fuss about them being in canon two years ago.

It shows that Goku has now become a radish farmer in order to make money for his family to survive. However, he uses much of his time he’s supposed to be working in order to train, preparing in case someone else much stronger ever appears (foreshadowing) and has Goten, his 8 year old son doing most of the work, including working the tractor (Dad of the year Goku is). This goes as well as you might expect and Goten drives the tractor off the side of a cliff. Goku saves him, but seems more annoyed about having to stop his training, rather than any worry or emotions really towards his son.


Meanwhile, the god of Destruction Beerus is on a humanoid pig planet, getting the finest dishes the world has to offer. After not liking the food because he thinks it was too greasy, he destroys half of the world. The scene doesn’t have much to do with anything and seems to confirm that they are retconning Battle of the Gods.

Next, we go to Mr. Satan at a press conference. Unfortunately, Boo walks in middle of it and the media is stunned by the creature. Satan is able to get Boo to go back inside, but not without angering him. Longtime fans may notice that Caroni, one of Satan’s top students who was an anime filler character from the Cell games appears in this scene, making him officially canon in the DB universe. He isn’t the only one as Miss Piiza also makes a brief appearance near the end of the episode.


At the 10 minute mark, we finally get to the plot of the episode with Gohan and Videl getting married (and Piccolo stalking them like a slasher movie villain, seriously they even gave him the music). Goten and Trunks decide they need to get Videl a present. They have a slight snag however, as neither of them have any money to spend on jewelry or cosmetics and Trunks seems to have a real lack understanding of what type of person Videl is.


They eventually decide to get her some spring water (really just lake water) before they are attacked by a giant snake. These being Trunks and Goten, who are both as strong as 3rd form Freeza, are able to defeat the Snake with ease and give the water to Videl. Videl realizes that the water is just… well water, but pretends to like it so to not disappoint the two.

The episode end with Goku being given 100 million Zeni by Mr. Satan as a reward for saving the Earth, pretty much saving Goku’s family from poverty. Goku leaves earth to train with King Kai and the episode finally closes with the Supreme Kais worried about the sudden destruction of planets.



The episode feels oddly structured, being more like a series of vignettes rather than a single story. I guess this was needed to set everything up for the series, but I feel they could have done it better.


Plot wise it was okay and it seemed to be calling back to the humble beginnings of Z with its tone. It’s clear that this isn’t the tone for the whole series as the episode makes it clear that an evil is coming, but it served its purpose of getting everyone caught up on what’s happened. However, if you are a Vegeta or a Bulma fan, then you are going to be disappointed as they do not appear in the episode.

I don’t know how I feel about them retconning and just remaking the last movies, especially Resurrection F given how little time has passed since its release. Hopefully, the series will try to do its own spin on it instead of just being a carbon copy.


Some of the characterization was off with Videl and Chi Chi whom both seemed to have lost the badassness they had by the end of Z. Chi Chi especially and seems to have returned to the nagging stereotype they turned her in the beginning of Z rather than the badass mother who was able to train a Saiyan to become a Super Saiyan, something Piccolo couldn’t even do.

Overall, it was okay. Nothing really bad about and was better than other debut episodes I’ve seen lately (looking at you Flash & Rebels). A good watch for fans.

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