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Dragon Ball Super Ep2 Review: Hype Master Returns

With Vegeta taking centre stage in this episode, fans of his character are going to be really excited. However, like last week’s episode, I had a really odd feeling watching it but still enjoyed it… For the most part.

Note: Spoilers below and also be aware that the version I watched was a fan subbed. From the Japanese I know, it seemed to be accurate. However If I have made a mistake with the dialogue, please let me know.


The episode takes place just after the events of the last episode, where Goku’s family was given a crap ton of money and Goku himself left to train on King Kai’s planet.

As the episode begins, Goku immediately wrecks Kai’s car and half his home. King Kai himself seems to be fed up with Goku, feeling like as he puts it, “like I am some 24 hour hotel”. But Goku, in a rather dickish move, completely ignores him and trains on the planet anyway.

Like in the previous episode, another anime filler character makes an appearance. In this case, it is Gregory, the talking cricket that Goku trained with on his first visit to the planet.


Back on Earth, Vegeta and his family have gone on vacation. Vegeta immediately acts like a stick in the mud, as the only reason he is there is because he promised to take Trunks to an amusement park back in Dragon Ball Z (episode 207 if you don’t remember that). In a blink or you miss it bit, you can see Vegeta has a massive smile on his face when eating Ice Cream. Vegeta finally snaps when the three of them are in a rave, where he basically flies off to train.


We end the episode with Beerus and Whis as they destroy a planet of multi-eyed cavemen. Beerus keeps seeing a shadowy figure, but he can’t figure out what it means. After a brief interlude with Goku and Vegeta training (Goku again not listening or caring about King Kai), Beerus remembers its name, the Super Saiya-jin God.


This episode is better structured then the previous, flowing a lot better and doesn’t feel as jumpy. However, I thought the episode was a lot weaker than last week’s overall.

The part with Vegeta and his family was really good and I wish we had more of that in the episode. Vegeta does seem to care about his family (something that can’t be said about Goku) and when he can let himself relax, he can have a good time.


But Goku’s rather cold and callous treatment to King Kai was rather off putting and given what he did last episode, Goku seems to have become a rather nasty piece of work.

I personally want at some point Beerus to get his just deserves as he’s basically is the most evil person in the entirety of the series. I really hope Champa or someone else calls him out on his piss poor job and then calls out the Supreme Kais for not having any balls.


One thing that was disappointing is that we were given confirmation that the series is in fact just going to repeat Battle of Gods and Resurrection F. I really hoped they would at least show us the events in a different light, but hopefully the series will do it different enough so not to feel like tedious backtracking.

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