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Dragon Ball Super Ep3 Review: Welcome To The Re-Tread

Dragon Ball Super is now doing what we all were worried it was going to do, re-tread what we’ve seen before and quite literally in this case. Is it at least enjoyable while doing it?

The episode begins with Beerus & Whiz heading back to their home-base, Beerus not seeming to remember properly the name of the Super Saiyan God (he now thinks it’s the Super Soya God). Elsewhere, Old Supreme Kai is incredibly worried about the return of Beerus.


In a moment of utter stupidity, Kibito Kai seems to barely know who Beerus is. What? How the hell does he not know who Beerus is when he has been active during his 5 million years reign and his sole reason of being birthed from a Golden fruit (yes really) is to create life where Beerus destroys. Dear god Kai you’re an idiot, no wonder the Universe went to crap when you were running things.

Regardless, they inform King Kai to make sure that Goku isn’t aware of Beerus. This goes badly very quickly as Goku hears half of the message (though thankfully misses the Beerus part). But Goku quickly forgets though and goes back to being a dick to King Kai. This time laughing off the fact that King Kai is angry that he never was resurrected by the Dragon Ball’s after Goku forcefully sacrificed him to Cell.

We go back to Beerus and Whis as they ask the Oracle fish about the name of the person and after much threatening, it answers Super Saiyan God. As Beerus is taking a bath, Whis informs Beerus of the few the Saiyan survivors are on Earth. In a massive retcon, Beerus says he wiped out all the Dinosaurs... despite the fact Dinosaurs are common in both Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z so what the hell?


Beerus is shocked to learn that Goku killed Freeza and decides that they will travel to King Kai’s planet (after making a pot shot at Chinese programming despite China not existing in this Universe).


After the commercial break, we finally meet up with Android 18 & Krillin in this series, as they fly to Bulma’s birthday party which in this version, takes place on a cruise ship rather than at Capsule Corp HQ. We also see Yamcha, Puar, Chiaotzu and Tenshinhan (who has been re-cast after his original voice actor died). Only Goku and Vegeta don’t show up as they are both training. The episode ends with Goku remembering about the party and Beerus and Whis heading to King Kai’s planet.

This episode is really weak and it doesn’t help that it is just the first 10 minutes of Battle of Gods stretched to more than double its length. This is going to be a problem as I fear they are going to stretch the Battle of Gods plot to episode 13 which will be honestly kind of boring. Kind of wish they had just started with the Super Dragon Ball Saga and skipped over the re-treading.


The episode feels long as nothing really happens. Goku is again shown being a terrible, self-centred person and Beerus and Whis are not really compelling characters to focus most of an episode on.

I have nothing more to add but that I fear Super could end up being a weaker series then GT.


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