Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Yesterday, it was announced that beginning in July, a new Dragon Ball series called Dragon Ball Super will begin airing in Japan. As of this writing, we don’t have much info on the series yet apart from it taking place after Kid Boo’s death in Z as well as the two recent films and will ignore GT. Though lets be honest, that hasn’t stopped the internet speculating on what and what will not be in the series.


As such, here are my thoughts and speculation on the new series and feel free to come up with your own thoughts and ideas.

Spoilers for Revival of F bellow though I will try to give warning

  • I personally think that it will also ignore the end of Z as well. The reason I think this is that the two movies have already pretty much made the ending a bit screwy as well as the ending being pretty much hated by many readers and viewers at the time. Akira Toriyama himself didn’t like it and redrew many scenes in reprints and honestly, it would just help the series grow more without having to end with Goku abandoning his family to live with a child he doesn’t know.
  • We’ll see the other Gods of Destruction and the other elven universes. These Gods may or may not be stronger then Beerus.
  • Both the Kaiōshin and Gods of Destruction will be disbanded by the end. Both have been shown to be absolutely worthless in helping keep “balance”. The Kaiōshin being cowards and nearly wiped out and Beerus a trigger happy psycho who wipes out important planets and gleefully kills billions.
  • Hopefully, characters like Launch will reappear. We already have the Pilaf gang back having a significant role so it isn’t completely impossible.
  • New characters will be introduced so the series doesn’t just become Goku and Vegeta show.
  • Piccolo will finally attain his full form. Remember, due to his father not being around, he could never achieve it.

The following contain spoilers of Revival of Z, don’t read unless who’ve also seen it or don’t care about spoilers:

  • Jaco will become a main character in the new series.
  • Whiz will try to use his time manipulation powers to stop Goku and Vegeta from becoming too powerful.
  • They will continue to ignore the whole Dragon Ball’s can’t resurrect you after a year rule that was already established in the manga.

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