With the first episode of Dragon Ball Super being airing on Sunday, news and rumors are getting mixed together and confused, making it hard for people like me to avoid spoilers. As such, I have decided to make a list of facts and plot points we know so far.

Obviously spoiler bellow:

What we know so far

  • The series will air 9am Sunday on Fuji TV.
  • The series takes place just after the death of Kid Boo.
  • Beerus and Whis are confirmed to be show regulars.
  • The first two sagas are called the Battle of Gods saga and the Resurrection F saga. They are either remakes of the two movies or tie into the movies in some way.
  • The third saga takes place in the 6th Universe (regular Dragon Ball take place in the 7th) where our heroes are searching for the super dragon balls.
  • Champa, a fat version of Beerus is the God Destruction of the 6th universe.
  • Toei plans on making at least 100 episodes.
  • From V Jump magazine, here is brief of episode 1:

In the peaceful Earth, Goku earns money!?

Half a year has passed since the battle with Majin Boo, the Earth is at peace. While working the farm by Chichi’s orders, Goku takes every chance to train. Newly married Gohan and Videl are living peaceful days, but...!?

Goten and Trunks, what did they choose as a wedding present!? Goten wants to give a wedding present to Gohan, and Trunks gives him advice! What item did those two choose!?