Usually, Saturdays at DragonCon are THE busiest day. That kind of got spread out over the weekend as the huge draw of the Masquerade got moved to Sunday this year. However, the room the Masquerade usually gets got a bit upstaged by a performance of the Georgia Philharmonic Orchestra and a 2 to 2.5 hour concert of Science Fiction and Fantasy music.

The conductor, seen in the video above to the right, started by coming out in Next Generation Command Red. And proceeded to conduct us through arrangements and medleys of Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Star Trek, 300, Spider-Man, Pirates of the Carabbean, and other stalwart iconic favorites of the fan community. Each prefaced by a narrated quote to tip off the audience as to what was going to play next...

However, there was an audible moment of bewilderment when our emcee came out and read to us the quote about the elements from Luc Besson’s
‘The Fifth Element’. What were they going to do here? It wasn’t what you’d call the most symphonic of soundtracks... Until the Diva Plavalaguna came out on stage in full costume! Then the crowd went everliving wild!

My wife who was good enough to post the video to her facebook account (nearly 40,000 views and counting.) later posted it to YouTube as well so I could share it with all of you. The soprano here, Julie Trammel, now has a copy for herself and was one of the stars of the weekend for us. So I’ll just leave this here. And hope Miss Trammel and the Orchestra she got to sing with return next year.