So last week I talked about some of my dream casting for phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, skipping Civil War and Doctor Strange- which seem to be fully cast- and running through Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2, Spider-Man and Thor Ragnarok.

I’m going to skip the two Infinity War movies, because just the title isn’t going to give us enough to guess at any details. Except maybe that Adam Warlock will be involved, but I included Warlock in my last post. So, that leaves Black Panther, Captain Marvel and Inhumans. Let’s get to it.


Let’s get this out of the way first- the two biggest roles for this have already been cast. Chad Boseman is T’Challa and Andy Serkis is Ulysses Klaw. Don’t tell me that won’t be the main conflict in the film. I really dug Serkis’s performance, and Ultron stealing all his vibranium will make for a great motivation. However, there are two, maybe three, other roles that I think would be key to this film that need to be filled.

The first is the father of T’Challa, King T’Chaka. T’Chaka will probably only be seen in flashback (since it’s likely T’Challa will already be king), but he needs to be a regal and commanding old warrior. And he needs to have a killer voice. Most people would probably gravitate towards Morgan Freeman, who would be fantastic, but I like one casting rumor that’s been floating around- ERNIE HUDSON.


He’s got a lot more presence than most people give him credit for, and would be able to impart wisdom to his son well.

The other key role I feel we’ll see for sure is T’Challa’s sister and future Black Panther Shuri. She should be beautiful, graceful, but able to totally kick your ass. One actress springs to my mind. She’s really hot at the moment, and she’s already in the Disney family with a mo-cap role in The Force Awakens- LUPITA NYONG’O.


She could absolutely carry the role of princess and of future superhero. I want to see her in this movie.

The other main role I could see, I think has already been cast- diplomatic liaison K. Everett Ross. And the person I think they’ve cast for the role?


MARTIN FREEMAN, who is already confirmed to have a mystery role in Captain America: Civil War. The same movie in which T’Challa will first appear... Hmm...

However, if Freeman’s role is NOT Ross, I think an almost-Captain America would be perfect for the role- JOHN KRASINSKI.



We’re finally in the great unknown! Not a single role for this film has been cast (that we know of). We might see a cameo or two tied to this one in GotGv2, but until we hear otherwise, this movie is the great unknown. Personally, it’s also the one I’m most excited for. So let’s get to it.


Carol Danvers is the confirmed lead. She’s an experienced soldier, a US Air Force Captain (or Major depending on the point in her career we’re at), and an incredible pilot. We need someone we can believe in that role. That means an actress in at least her mid-thirties, with a commanding on-screen presence. A lot of people are gravitated to Katee Sackoff, but Marvel’s first female solo hero is going to have to be an A-list name, but one that’s not so big that they’ll have to write a massive paycheck up front. I think that name is EMILY BLUNT.

Sure, you might see her and think “the girl from Devil Wears Prada, really?!” And I say “Edge of Tomorrow, bitch!” Blunt played an alien-killing bad-ass in that movie... Hmm, sounds like Captain Danvers, doesn’t it?


A hell of a lot of people have protested that Carol is the Captain Marvel of the movie. Why not Monica Rambeau they say? Why not? Carol needs a wingman, and Monica’s history is military also. Tweak it to being Air Force, and I don’t think anyone would complain. Wouldn’t a movie that introduces not one but two kick ass heroines, one of which is a POC, be fantastic? And the perfect Monica is in the Disney family already, at ABC, Scandal star KERRY WASHINGTON.

There’s one other Avenger that I feel would be a great part of this movie- Simon Williams. The future Wonder Man is a cocky and fun presence in the comics. He’s also a powerhouse on Thor’s level, and his origin could be great fodder for a future movie, whether it’s Infinity War, Captain Marvel 2, or maybe even as an Inhuman! He’s been Carol’s off and on love interest for years, and the movie could pull him in as a cocky actor researching a role on Carol’s base, and eventually a damsel in distress. I’m really torn between two actors to play him, but it comes down to one square jaw over another, and in that battle JON HAMM wins.


Come on, look at him! He’s the perfect Wonder Man!

Two more major roles exist in this film, two that I feel are critical. The first is the source of Carol’s power, a strange visitor from outer space- the Kree Captain Mar-Vell. Vell may appear in GotG briefly to set this movie up, so you need another actor who can portray a military hero with a commanding presence. Given the Brits we’ve seen play the Kree so far I think the perfect player is DAN STEVENS.


Look at those eyes! He’s half-alien already!

Lastly is the villain, one of my favorites from Marvel in the last ten years- Doctor June Covington. Covington is a mad scientist obsessed with superpowers, and she actually begins grafting DNA into her own to give her those powers. She’s the perfect antagonist for the first movie. Bring her in to treat/dissect Mar-Vell, then she rapidly goes bad? It’s great. Plus a sexy, genius villain? I think Marvel needs to call CHARLIZE THERON.



The last one in our line-up is big. Huge. This movie will change the MCU.

I’m going to get this one out of the way. He’s been hinting at another Marvel role, and Black Bolt, the silent king of the Inhumans is perfect. You need a threatening physical presence, and with his voice tied up elsewhere in the MCU, VIN DIESEL is the perfect Black Bolt.


Now for his queen, Medusa. 90% of the movie is going to be on her shoulders. You need a woman who can command armies, who you believe can rule the world, and who scares you in their imposing presence. And natural red locks don’t hurt. One actress was courted for Iron Man 3, but dropped out due to scheduling. Thank goodness, because JESSICA CHASTAIN is the perfect Medusa.


The head of the Inhuman Royal Guard, Gorgon is the Inhumans’ greatest warrior. He needs an actor with the brawn and the acting chops to match. The only person that comes to mind for me is Vikings star TRAVIS FIMMEL.

Now to be honest, I think the other three main members of the Royal Family- Crystal, Triton and Karnak- should be played by relative unknowns. All three are great but difficult roles. Perfect for young, on the cusp actors. That might seem like a cop-out, but Inhumans is a huge cast. A good chunk of it will have to be unknown.


The last major Inhumans role may seem very similar to the MCU’s breakout star, Loki, but Maximus the Mad is far from Loki. Yes, he’s the suave/manipulative brother of the lead, but Maximus is an insane scientist. You need someone distinctive from Tom Hiddleston, but can demand the same attention. Fifteen years ago, it would be perfect for Gary Oldman. However, there’s the perfect actor just on the edge of our awareness who would bring the depth and charm to Maximus’s insanity- RUFUS SEWELL.

Tell me you wouldn’t kill to see him chewing scenery opposite Chastain.

What do you think? What would you do differently?