So with casting news starting to come full force for the MCU’s next slate of films, I’m curious to see who we’ll be seeing, but I’ve definitely got some dream picks. I’d love to hear yours too. I’m going to split this into at least two posts- this one covering Guardians 2, Spider-Man and Thor Ragnarok, and a second for Black Panther, Captain Marvel and Inhumans.

I’m going to skip Civil War, and Doctor Strange because those casts seem to be pretty well rounded at this point.


Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2

This one is interesting because we’re pretty in the dark about anything related to Guardians. I do think we’ll see a couple casting additions, regardless of plot.


The first is most obvious- Adam Warlock. The most likely candidate for Peter Quill’s MCU father, Adam is an otherworldly artificial being and powerful magician. He’s also Thanos’s opposite number. I actually think his origins will be altered into something akin to a fellow Eternal, and maybe been Thanos’s brother. It’s entirely possible that his evil self Magus will somehow show up too, whether in Guardians or Infinity War.

Because of this, we would need someone that can embody both a righteous crusading alien wizard and his evil self. For this, I’d go with a close friend of one of the MCU’s biggest stars. Okay, the MCU’s biggest star. I’m talking about none other than RDJ’s bestie, JUDE LAW.


I think the next most likely addition to GotG is another female crew member. There are three great female characters that are closely associated with the team who would make for great additions- Phyla Vell, Moondragon, and Mantis. Of the three, I would say Mantis is most likely as Phyla’s origins are tied up in Captain Mar-Vell, which would be too early to introduce here, and Moondragon is Drax’s daughter, but from his original Earthly origins not his MCU origins.

Mantis, on the other hand, is a kick-ass martial artist who is also the “Celestial Madonna.” Sounds like a fun character who would be able to come in fairly easily without massive backstory alterations. Searching through awesome lady martial artists, I was initially leaning towards Zhang Ziyi. However, I discovered JEEJA YANIN. Just check out the GIF below and tell me a fight scene first between her and Zoe Saldana, then later with them teaming up wouldn’t be awesome.


She’s my personal favorite for the role now. Just look at her move. :-) And here’s a regular pic of her for good measure. Just give her antennae, and she’s there.


We’ve only heard two cast members so far for Spidey’s next movie- Tom Holland as Peter Parker and Marisa Tomei as Aunt May. That leaves the rest of the movie wide open.


First of all, a small but critical role- Uncle Ben Parker. I really struggled with this one. Because we’re skipping Peter’s origin, Ben would only be seen in flashback. I’m okay with that, but he needs to be involved. With Tomei as Aunt May, it also has to be someone age appropriate to her. He needs to carry some gravitas, while also having a sweet humor to him. Then I had the perfect idea- ALEC BALDWIN.

You might picture him as Jack Donaghy and laugh, but Baldwin is an all around fantastic actor. He’s age appropriate (57 years old), and you can hear him uttering “Remember Peter, with great power comes great responsibility.”


Now, Kevin Feige has said the villain of the film is going to be a character we haven’t seen before, so no Green Goblin. However, he didn’t say Norman or Harry Osborn WOULDN’T be involved. Honestly, Norman being a part of Peter’s world is a given, considering how close Peter and Harry are. I think the next Norman Osborn will be a departure from Defoe and Cooper. They need to pick someone signifcantly different, but who can also be the sinister manipulator that embodies Norman. Why not one of the greatest actors of the day- MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY?

I think most people would have laughed at this choice before Dallas Buyer’s Club and True Detective, but both of those projects prove that he could play Peter’s greatest enemy with ease.


As for the actual villain, I think it’ll be one of three choices- the Vulture, Kraven, or Mysterio. And I’ve had choice actors in mind for each for years- JOHN MALKOVICH, CLIVE OWEN and JACKIE EARLE HALEY respectively. Just look at these three and tell me they couldn’t do it. Hell, Malkovich was cast as Vulture for Raimi’s aborted Spider-Man 4!


Peter’s supporting cast is one of the best parts of the character. Honestly, I think the movie needs to introduce four of them as main characters- Gwen Stacey, Harry Osborn, Miles Morales (YES, MILES!), and Mary Jane Watson. Personally, I think the first three should be played by relative unknowns, but the perfect actress is out there for the new MJ- BELLA THORNE.


And naturally J. Jonah Jameson, a major piece lacking from the Webb films needs to come back. And I agree with the internet consensus- it needs to be JK SIMMONS playing him again.

Thor Ragnarok

Most likely we’ll be seeing Walt Simonson’s Ragnarok arc loosely adapted here, with some Infinity Stone stuff thrown in. There are some elements to that arc that are a must. The first in my opinion is Beta Ray Bill, the alien warrior who proves himself worthy to lift Mjolnir, and eventually wields his own Uru hammer, Stormbringer. The part would be a CG/mo-cap performance, so you need a great actor with a voice to match Bill’s noble warrior persona.


I know this is a weird choice, but why not original Thor director KENNETH BRANAGH? He’s got a great voice, he’s more than willing to come back to the franchise, and has shown a willingness to embrace and magnify genre roles (look at his performance in Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets). (TBH though, if Idris Elba weren’t already Heimdall, I would have cast him.)

Another thing the Thor franchise has been missing is some of the amazing Asgardian supporting cast. I think it’s unlikely see some of them (Balder for example isn’t that different from the Warriors Three), one that I think is a must have is Valkyrie. You need a kick-ass warrior woman for this. In my mind, there’s one perfect choice- YVONNE STRAHOVSKI. Added bonus- Yvonne and Zachary Levi back on screen together!


While Loki’s machinations are clearly going to be important in this movie, I think there will be two other primary villains. The first is a female Thor villain that the franchise has been clearly lacking- Amora the Enchantress. She’s a clever and devious manipulator and powerful magician, Loki’s equal or better in many ways. I can only think of one other master manipulator, a con-woman of incredible grace and skill- CHRISTINA HENDRICKS.


As for the main villain, given the storyline this movie appears to be adapting, the fire demon Surtur seems to be the clear choice. You need a powerful acting force for this one, both as a general and a physical force for Thor to battle. One person comes to my mind. He’s a little unconventional, like most of these have been, but I think he’s a perfect fit- FOREST WHITAKER.

What do you think?

Who would you cast?