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Dropping By Muddy Colors

I had a window open on one of their blog posts, so I decided to see their most recent posts—they've had some interesting stuff on art. And I see this picture, which is clearly expertly and cleverly crafted (touches like the material of the scythe and the careful depth of field, for instance) by one Andrew Hickinbottom, and posted about enthusiastically without editing.

Now, me? Not as enthusiastic, but what's weird is that while I was just moving onto the next entry, it's the exhortation to appreciate that has me quizzical, and the implication that it's self-aware and maybe she's in on the joke, so it's just a bit of fun T&A, so cool beans!


Hey, I like T&A. I have T&A, I will show it, and I will draw it. But that doesn't mean every instance makes me stand up and cheer, and this pic, as is noted by a commenter doesn't just center our attention on the sexual assets of the woman therein by her pose and, uh, featureset, but also because everyone else in the picture is going so far as pointing and photographing—I don't have to ask the artist if he's objectifying her, since everyone in the picture has already stepped up to the plate on that front.

So instead of a picture that I moved past as not my beautiful cake, it's now something I don't understand. "Kings of the world"? "A hilarious aspect of the Comic Con sub-culture"?

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