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Starz has been publishing content #4Droughtlander to tide over Outlander fans until the second half of the season starts on April 4. Below, a roundup of all the Droughtlander released content (plus some bonus videos).

First, and most recently, a gif'd poster for the second half of the season, slightly different from the first...


I love it. Moar fierce Claire!

Droughtlander Videos

In November, Starz's first #4Droughtlander video was an extended scene with Claire and Rupert.

In December, Starz released an extended Frank and Claire scene.

In January, Sam Heughan gave us a sneak peek at the trailer, which was released later in the week. Heughan's video and the full trailer below:

In February, we got "A Look Ahead" from Tobias Menzies.

Other Highlights

Here's a cute video of Balfe, Heughan, and Menzies playing a game called "this or that". Menzies is the adorablest.

And lastly, here's a sneak peek at the beginning of episode 1x09, featuring a different voice-over.

Not who you were expecting, was it? Outlander's YouTube channel playlist has more behind-the-scenes featurettes if you're looking for more goodies over the next month.

I can't wait until the series returns! This is definitely going to be an exciting eight episodes. I'm planning on doing recaps again, even though io9 and I think Jezebel are posting them too. Maybe I'll try to add more of a book-reader flavor to them. (Tips and suggestions are welcome.)

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