Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Dudes, I'm a little disturbed

When I posted yesterday about a certain fitness program (wouldn't want to trip anyone else's Google alert), a very high ranking representative from that organization showed up in the comments like Superman running to a damsel in distress. This individual was perfectly polite, and it doesn't look like that'll turn into a redux of Erdnase's Oatmeal post, but, um.....

Couple things: any shred of respect I still had for that particular organization is completely out the window if they're so concerned with their image that they track down people making statements on random forums and blogs every time their google alert dings (which it must all the damn time).


The other thing is we tend to think of the odeck as a relatively closed friendly community. At least I do. It's still on the internet, and if you poke a touchy subject (like, say Oatmeal), you might draw in more than you bargained for.

The dismiss button if of course our friend, but I elected to leave those comments in particular.

In closing, that cat looks just like my kitty, down to the facial expression.

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