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Dueling canes, a la the Mistborn series

Spook was no Mistborn, but he was still very dangerous. He felt a soft wind and knew a sword was swinging for him. He ducked. He felt a footstep on the ground and knew that someone was attacking him from the side. He stepped away. It was almost like having atium.

Sweat flew from his brow as he spun, and he cracked his dueling cane into the back of one soldier's head. The man fell - Spook's weapon was crafted of the finest hardwood. But, just to be certain, he brought the butt of the weapon down onto the fallen man's temple, knocking him out of the battle for good.

He heard someone grunt beside him - soft, yet telling. Spook whipped the weapon to the side and smacked it against the attacking soldier's forearm. The bones broke and the soldier cried out, dropping his own weapon. Spook rapped him on the head and then spun, lifting his cane to block the third soldier's strike ...


- Brandon Sanderson, The Hero of Ages: Book Three of Mistborn

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