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This post will have (older episodes from current season) Person of Interest spoilers.


I generally record 3-5 episodes of longer form shows (60 minute shows) at a time before binge watching them. Person of Interest, I have as far back as The Endgame series because of the holidays, etc. My DVR decided that I didn't need part 3 of The Endgame. I watch 2 episodes of it this afternoon while I'm at home trying to fall asleep since I don't feel well. I start what should have been episode 3 of the arc, and LO AND BEHOLD! It's not the episode...

The DVR recorded the very next episode instead! SKIPPED RIGHT OVER THE CLIMAX. All I get now is the denouement I guess. Opens on Reece laid out in the hospital or wherever, Carter's funeral, headlines on dirtiest cop in NYC whatever his name is, Shaw and Reece searching for him... So what happened with Alonzo?

Nice use of Cash's cover of "Hurt" at least.

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