Given all the gaming and tech news we’re likely going to get in the next few days, I think it is a good idea if we consolidate all of that into one discussion thread so not to clutter observation deck. Also if it is alright with crashedpc /sarcasm, I’d like to bump this up just before each conference begins.

So how is everybody opinion of E3 so far? I watched the Bethesda conference last night and I’m currently wait for the others. Partially to see the new games, but also I have a drinking game to see if can spot the meaningless marketing jargon and BS (don’t think I’ll manage getting through the EA conference).

Opinions so far:


  • DOOM: Not sure about the game. I liked the executions and the over the top violence. But I felt the game looked too generic with its demons and environments. Hell especially looked rather dull. I also think there should be more demons on screen and the music should be turned up.
  • Fallout 4: Overall, I enjoyed what I saw though personally I think the graphics could be better and I’m not quite sure if the prologue with your family was a good idea (I wonder if they will allow you to choose a same sex marriage). I liked the town making system, the new crafting system and I liked how the game was more colourful, something that I felt was a problem with 3.


Microsoft (written while the show was running)

  • Halo looks the same except with Anti-Spirals in it. Alright.
  • To quite Nicole:

“ Ooooooh Recore looks interesting in concept! Playing a girl and her robutt buddies sounds great! Gameplay video and detail please.”


  • Great work in getting backward compatibility on the console, hope PS4 does this in the future.
  • Wait I thought they were only doing 1 demo for Fallout 4 this E3? Did I mishear last night?
  • Wait so can mods work on the PS4 version of Fallout 4 as well or has Microsoft payed them off to not allow that?
  • What’s with E3 conferences and bringing Sport cars?
  • Surprised by the little fanfare for Dark Souls 3.
  • Gigantic looks fun though I’ll wait for more info.
  • Disappointed to find out that Cuphead is an Xb0x exclusive :(
  • It seems that Xbox is being smarter with their early access then steam has.
  • For the DayZ Creators new game:

  • Thank god Rise of the Tomb Raider is only a temp Xbox exclusive. Loved the first one in the reboot series.
  • My god! They’ve made the holodeck! Though I’m still not convinced that VR is the future, seems very inconvenient and gimmicky.
  • Wait isn’t this the fifth Gears of War game?


  • Mass Effect Andromeda for the little we saw of it looked alright. I feel they regret the ending of the third one so they’re making sure they have to deal with it consequences as little as possible.
  • Knights of the Fallen Empire looked cool for fans of that series.
  • Zombie Superheroes!
  • Yay! More pay to win crap.
  • They are adding women into FIFA, good progress and surprised it wasn’t already in the game.
  • Loved the first one so will likely pick up Mirrors Edge Catalyst.
  • The Twitch went down and just before Battlefront :(


  • I’m betting like last time, South Park will be censored in Europe again.
  • At the Division at this point and nothing has thrilled me yet. For Honer looked generic, I don’t care about the Crew and I’m meh on South Park.
  • I’m sorry to say that this was the weakest conference so far but that maybe because I don’t care for some of the franchises like Ghost Recon, The Crew and Rainbow Six. I don’t hate them, they just don’t appeal to me.



  • Great to see the last guardian but I am weary of it given how many games that have gone through years of being vapor-ware are finally released and are crap like Aliens Colonial Marines and Duke Nuken Forever.
  • Horizon looks good, a serious take on adventure time essentially. Worth looking into.
  • What’s with the new trend of games just calling the new sequels the orignal title.
  • I liked how the two character they revealed for SS5 are Brits.
  • Dream looks very interesting as well, would like to know more about that.
  • My god! It looks so World of Final Fantasy XV looks so cute!
  • Final Fantasy VII getting remade... Meh.
  • Shenmue III Kickstarter? Why doesn’t SONY just fund it?
  • How the hell did I completely forget about Arkham Knight!!!
  • I think something is wrong with the Uncharted demo.


  • Zelda Triforce Heroes looks cute.
  • Honestly, very disappointing.

Square Enix

  • Why did they show the Final Fantasy VII trailer again?
  • Those two Kingdom Heart games look decent. Also, was that Mathew Broderick in the trailer doing the voice?
  • A new Nier, that sounds awesome but I feel they shouldn’t of announce it yet given that it’s incredibly early in production.
  • Again World of Final Fantasy looks so cute :)