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With Comic-Con officially ended for this year, I think it is time to decide which of these events were better. But honestly though, the answer is pretty obvious...

E3 was the far better convention then Comic-Con this year. Some of you may be shocked about that because Comic-Con is considered the far more prestigious and more popular convention. Well the answer is very simple, it is in how each presented themselves.



The biggest problem with Comic-Con is their need to make everything exclusive and private, making sure as few people are able to appreciate it as possible and then eventually may or may not release it. This goes down to trailers, the shows and even the toys which let’s be honest, most of this shouldn’t be exclusive and is just bad marketing.

Also no, watching an illegal bootleg, reading it after the fact, or having to spend hundreds of pounds does not have the same effect as actually being able to watch good versions and the companies just selling the toys properly, especially for internationals who some Americans either forget or don’t care about.


Then you have the problem that Comic-Conn doesn’t seem to ever learn from its mistakes. People have complained that Indies get less and less attention each year as well as being harder to find. Does Comic-Con address this? Nope.

How about sexual harassment of cosplayers and women con-goers? Well this was addressed kind of. You see this year, a group called CONvergence were trying to help make Comic-Con a safer place. Do you want to know how they did this? Well the decided to recreate the Cersi walk of shame and then actively have con-goers call her phrases like “whore”, “brother fucker” and “Seven take you” while also flashing her (yes really) and all apparently in the name of... Satire.


So not only did these people not know what satire is, but they absolutely failed in what they were trying to do. Why do I say this? It’s because most of the stuff about the event comes from either men who thought it was funny, women who it made feel uncomfortable and ruined their con-buzz (you know, the people who need that the least), or news sites criticizing the event for being poorly thought out and making Comic-Con even less of a safe place.



E3 on the other hand has made great improvements since last year and has made great strides in making it feel more diverse.

After last year’s big criticism of all the games only having/promoting with only white male protagonists (looking at Ubisoft the most). This year, we had tons of games have either woman protagonist only or heavily promoted woman character options. Hell the fact that many consider Horizon Zero Dawn game of E3 says something.


Like Comic-Con, indie developers have found it harder and harder to get promotion. But E3 tried to improve things with the PC show and more room for Indies. It was by no means better and the PC show was really boring thanks to the host. But at least it was something.

But what made it better was the accessibility of E3 this year. Each of the conferences were shown live from twitch and guess what, it helped to promote the games and made sure nobody felt left out. Those who were really there got to see this stuff first hand and would have went to E3 anyway. Those who couldn’t (aka the vast majority of Internationals) were able to watch it live and watch the magic as well. Plus it helps make sure you can watch it again and relive it.


Let me tell you something. That Star Wars event is going to be forgotten very quickly thanks to how Disney tried to limit it. Things like the reveal of this:

Will be remembered for a longtime.

Try harder Comic-Con. It’s 2015 and you need learn to adapt.

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