I had an idea for tomorrow's post which I was hoping to work on tonight, but given some really unexpected and out of the blue news that dropped a little over an hour ago, I've decided to move it up to today. (Although there will still likely be a post tomorrow.)

First up, the news. Android Wear is now a thing!

If you watched that and didn't get even remotely excited, I'm sorry. You should stop reading now and for the record you are officially uninvited to my birthday party in August. : P

Some of you might have seen that though and had no clue what the heck was going on, this post is for you.

If you're not on a relatively recent (and more importantly, Android OS updated) device then you might not recognize what was happening on that watch. That was Google Now. For those unfamiliar with Google Now, it is an opt-in feature on the newer Android releases that basically takes everything you put into Google and presents it to you in a very elegant, simple and informative fashion. If you've seen me bitch about the weather on some of these post then you've already seen what it looks like on a phone. If you haven't here's a few screenshots.


You'll notice the weather where I'm at and a few restaurants in the area. (The latter being informative since I'm technically on my lunch break and was out and about running areas a few minutes ago.)

The long and short of it is that Google Now gives you the information you want to know without you having to ask for it, in some cases even giving you information before you even know you want it at all.


The more you put into Google the more Google Now learns and presents relevant information to you.

If you place orders and the emails for them are tied to your Gmail account it will present you with shipping updates, expected delivery dates and so on and so forth.

If you routinely search for flight location to a given location it'll do the same thing wit flights and weather conditions for the place you're looking into traveling to.


A personal example, I have a lady friend who tends to leave the area quite a bit to stay with relatives elsewhere. Suffice it to say, despite my loner mentality and nature, I do miss her on such occasions and the same applies for her regarding me. We discuss my flying up to visit her and all that jazz. Well, checking on flights often enough, Google Now knows when I look up distance between us that I'm likely interested in flights to see her. So it will, without my having to ask it to or even thinking about it, present me with flight information from the two local airports, with estimated times of travel, change overs and what have you. It also seems to know to tell me all this out loud, any time I get other information from Google Now it won't read it aloud, but when I'm getting sentimental and insane enough to want to hop on an airplane (which is insane because I am unbelievably afraid of heights, much less flying, so just wanting to jump on a plane without a literal gun to my head or while heavily sedated and under restraint is a big deal) it gives me the information and reads it aloud to me. Kinda neat!

So that's Google Now. Gives you the information you want when you need it and the more you put into it the more it learns to tailor things to you.

If you can, I highly suggest you opt in and check it out. You won't regret it for a moment.


Onward and upward though, how does this pertain to Android Wear? Well, like I said before, Android Wear is basically running Google Now as it's OS.

I don't know about all of you, but despite being attached to my phone I do put it down quite a bit, especially at work. A watch I would wear almost 24/7 and the fact that it can give me all the information I need at a glance/swipe is just absolute perfection.

Especially given the fact that based on the video, it looks much better when compared to some of the other offerings already out. (Looking at you Samsung Galaxy Gear.)


Here is a rendering of the watch in the video, this is officially known as the Moto 360 and it will be available in a variety of styles and available this summer. Motorola will also be hosting an Over The Air Hangout tomorrow to discuss the watch further, so be sure to check it out!

LG has also announced a watch, but with no hard details at the time. ASUS, HTC, Samsung and Fossil plan on jumping in to the game too. For those wondering about additional OEMs getting in on this.


And now, I present you with a sampling of what you'll be able to do on said Wear via pictures and GIFs.


(Just FYI, kiddos. That is a text message/Hangout message being sent via the device.)


Honestly, all this is really exciting! To me at least. I've been speculating on this for going on a year now with a few close tech friends and we've all been hoping a Google Now watch would appear, preferably from Google or "at worst" Motorola/LG. Now we've got exactly that and then some.

Although in this case I'm aiming the following most definitely at Motorola.


And consider that your first (and likely not last) early edition Android Update. For a hint of what's coming tomorrow I leave you with the following: Pushbullet.