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So I was sitting at home, thinking about early Ghostbuster reviews. And I got to thinking, what if someone gathered them together for the people of the Odeck to peruse and discuss? Then I imagined who would post such a thing. I thought about myself, a not very bright underachiever doing it. Then I thought maybe it would be better if someone else did it, but then it struck me that it might be a self-important jackass who is the equivalent of a festering boil on the ass of Kinja.

But luckily there is no one like that around here, but just in case here is gathering of early reviews for the much anticipated/reviled movie.


Collider.com has a pretty good breakdown of the response so far and its mixed nature:

But in some cases even a mixed review is too positive:

Even in a review that is not all that positive, in less than an hour it has almost managed to garner 3000 dislikes. I’m sure it is not just sexist mouthbreathers, but crazed feminists as well. 50/50, yes sir. Fair and balanced here.


Bloody-Disgusting, a site that has been pretty critical of the remake, has released a review that is for the most part “okay.”


And the EW review expected more.


And here are a pair of fairly positive reviews:


So greatest movie ever made? Greatest movie ever made.

Seriously though, hundreds of reviews are still to come and that is not even considering the box office and what will happen when the movie reaches the filthy unwashed masses.


Regardless of what you think of the remake, I’m sure many of you will agree with me and be glad that this shitshow is nearly over. Also you have Star Wars Celebration and Comic-Con over the next couple of weeks, which will help highlight all the joys of fandom that the response to this movie has obscured in all its hateful glory.

(Also, if I missed something and this post is similar to another post, say one written by a decaying hand puppet or something, please note that I made sure to use different reviews in my post.)

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