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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Eating the Oscars, 2014 Edition

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This Sunday, all the people in the entire world will throw little parties where everybody watches the Oscars together. It's literally the only thing that anybody will be doing. So if watching the Academy Awards is the baseline, how can you possibly feel like your party is better than anybody else's? Perhaps by preparing some Oscar-nominee-themed refreshments!


Links mostly go to recipes that I think are good. I can't make any promises about the puns, though.

Nominee: American Hustle

In-film reference: Chicken "Piccata of the Gods"

Awful play-on-words: "American Brussels" sprouts grilled cheese sandwiches.

Obscure insider option: Nacho cheese Doritos (in honor of Jennifer Lawrence)

Nominee: Gravity

In-film reference: Vodka (in a flask), water (in a bag). Or if you're buying a round of drinks, "Houston is partial to margaritas".


A pun: Gravi-tea (spiced hot tea, flavored with Tang!)

Thematically appropriate choices: Tang, astronaut ice cream.

Nominee: 12 Years a Slave

In-film reference: Cornmeal hoe cakes, dried smoked meat

Nominee: Her

In-film reference: Asian fusion ("don't you just love" it?), cupcakes for the whole class ("you're class mom!")


Unforgivable title reference: Her-she bars? (I hate myself for this.) Then fail to redeem yourself with some misspelled "Spike" Jones soda.

Truly obscure reference for the inside-baseball crowd: Jamba Juice

Nominee: The Wolf of Wall Street

In-film reference: cocaine, Quaalude

In-film references that are legal: Piles of powdered sugar

In-film references that are legal and are also typically served as food/drink: Champagne, thick steaks, lobster (save one to throw!), sushi, literally anything expensive.


Real-life menu: Gatorade, anything sprayed with Windex.

Nominee: Frozen (Best Animated)

In-film reference: Carrots.

In-film reference that somebody might want to eat: Chocolate.

Edible potty-humor joke: Yellow snow-cones. (I'd recommend using fresh lemon juice, and add a teaspoon of the zest when making the syrup.)


Bonus option: You'd almost need to read the script to get the reference, and it requires special equipment, but maybe there's a Scandinavian bakery nearby you that would sell you some, because it really is delicious: Norwegian Krumkake

And that's it! I'm tapped out. If you have better suggestions (and you really should), share them below!

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