... you succeeded. I definitely feel I've seen almost everything of this movie before. Not sure if that was the intention, though... Minor spoilers... (It's not one of these movies were it really matters, though.)

One wonders if the makers are aware of the irony. Not only does this movie call for the obvious Groundhog Day comparisons - the Groundhog Day parts are the most entertaining ones. It's the only thing lifted from something else but a SciFi movie and it makes for some genuinely funny parts.

This movie should be an outright comedy. It's much better when it's funny..... All the rest...

The Aliens look like half of the movie Aliens ever since the Matrix Sentinels.


Soldiers in exoskeletons, everywhere. Again. That's a thing I haven't seen since... the last SciFi movie I went to....

Tom Cruise is a Starship Trooper. Well. yeah. (I like asshole Tom Cruise from the start, but of course he's becoming a better more heroic person to save the day at the end and shine.) Emily Blunt is OK. She can be an action heroine, but she's not really given anything to work with other than a badass slogan and the power to spout exposition.


That ending. Telegraphed from miles and miles away. It's been so easy to predict that you have a long, looong time to think of all the things that don't make sense about it....

The movie's going sightseeing... OK, don't get me wrong, I appreciate the fact that the aliens in a Hollywood movie are aware of the fact that there are other parts of the Earth to invade than the USA. Rare enough. (Even though I can't help but feel that the one and only reason you let them invade Europe is to make a WWII movie with Aliens, down to DDay. OK. We get it. An American helps a Brit to save Europe's ass. Subtle.)


But are we really to buy the Alien Master Brain (Of course it's hive-aliens again... you throw one bomb and the right place and they all drop dead. Even in Avengers, a movie good enough to let it pass, that was one of may major gripes...) is hiding under the Louvre? Really? How did that decision making go?

- Look. We're going to Earth. You know Earth, right? It's totally pointless to go to Earth and not see the Mona Lisa. Got to go to the Louvre!


I'm sounding harsh. The funny bits are genuinely funny. They did the right thing to appreciate the silliness that has to come when incorporating Groundhog Day into an Alien Invasion movie.


The action bits - are OK. But they are really, really (sometimes painfully) average. It's entertaining, in a popcorn, turn off your brain kind of way, if you don't mind the ironic feeling of déjà vu.

It's a 3 out of 5 stars, with one for being really funny at times.