TL:DR - A fine movie, kept me entertained from start to finish. *spoilers ahead*

Just come back from seeing it...I really enjoyed it, hit all the right buttons and i'd pay money to watch Emily Blunt steam rice so this was a no-brainer.

So if you've seen the trailers, they haven't exactly given everything away but its not a deep film, there's not an awful lot more to the film. Thankfully,its still buckets of fun.

Tom has nailed it again but then, i've always been a big fan of Cruise the Actor; outside of the screen, well...moving on. He does a great job here of showing the various levels of his character from his more, shall we say humble beginnings to a killing machine, to the time-weary soul who just wants to save a single person.


Emily Blunt and the rest of the cast are all really solid, except for the General. I'm a big fan of Brendan Gleeson but he barely brings anything at all to his admittedly minor role.

All the Groundhog Day stuff works, if a little handwavium towards the end but that's the nature of the beast, so to speak. Exhaust ports, apple laptops, water... all the great threats of our time have really awesome weak spots.

at the same time, this also leads to the only thing I didn't like, which was the aliens. Specifically, and it might sound weird but i think they were too powerful, physically....too dangerous.


It didn't look at all like they needed the help of their gimmick in any way... i mean, it clearly made their job easier but they were pretty awesome killing machines in their own right. It kinda made their time-kung-fu seem unimportant.

I think I would have liked to have had a bunch of generals confounded at how a more lets say equal, opponent was managing to out smart and outfight them at every turn. It would have played into their temporal mechanics a bit more than it did in the movie.


plus the aliens look liked angry derivative nonsense and were eminently forgettable.

But then they really didn't a large role in how the film played out except as the crucible in which a Cruise is forged... a Cruise-ible, if you will.


But beyond that, a fantastic watch and frankly, way more enjoyable than Godzilla. everyone came out of the cinema far more enthusiastic. Go see it. On the other hand, now i'm going to find the book and read that for, well not comparison cause i don't do that as a rule, but to see if there's more 'splainin going on.