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Eh....The fuck just happened on the Walking Dead?


So....Yeah, that happened.
Well, I got what I wanted...and sorta bitter sweet in a way.
Anyway, this is how it goes in a nutshell:
1) Gov. traps former best friend with former lady he slept around with(Andrea).
2)Gov. guts his friend and lets nature turn him into zombie.
3)Gov. goes after crew.
4) Gov. gets his ass handed to him and flees.
5) Gov. stops his carivan, kills almost everyone that he droved in, and then he drives away with his two main men and we never see him again.....Sarcastic yay.

Meanwhile, Rick's group strategizes so that Glenn and Maggie go on the offensive while in super body armor....Ok, police riot uniforms....And then we have a stand off between Carl and a teen from Woodbury. Carl doesn't flinch and shoots him.


Anywho, they regroup later on after the whole clusterfuck, and Rick learns about what has happened....And stays there like if Carl just dented a car......THE FUCK RICK?
I don't care if it is the Zombie Apocalypse, I would have smacked the fuck out of Carl.
Hell, after he gave the "You should have shot those assholes,BUT NOOOOO"I would have said "I try to give people the benefit of a doubt"and then some other deep thing...and then smacked him hard to know pecking order....Just saying. Still, Carl can sorta have that cockyness since he has ranked himself higher by actually trying to redeem himself from season 2. On the other hand, let's talk about Andrea.
As you know, Andrea is stuck with the Gov.'s ex friend and now he is dying....I am just gonna fast foward this:
1) He does his last breath deal telling Andrea that he left a tool that can save her.
2)She keeps talking while not actually trying to get the tool.
3)He turns.
4)She is fucked.
5) She gets free and fights....and then she get bitten.

Rick's group finds her with new friend Ty and Lady who was the only talking extra next to the Gov.'s henchmen.

She does her last farewell, and then (next to Michonne)....Kills herself.......Well, two down and probably one to go.

I find the death ironic if you think about it.
First she tries to kill herself, but others won't allow her.
Then she tries to survive, but gets more people killed in a way.
Then she kills herself.....Which was better to let her die then let all this shit happen.

At the end, we see the three badasses(Rick,Michonne, and Daryl) return with the remaining Woodbury people and Carl just goes "The Fuck?".

My personal thought was "What the fuck are you trying to do here?"
Is Rick the new Gov.? Or are we just gonna have one of those time leaps in which all the people in Woodbury die or leave and the group is gonna go somewere else?

I just hope that they don't do one of those "Hey, little ass kicker is 12!" kinda things and make scream of how stupid it is.

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