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Ongoing Tornadic Event in Oklahoma

*Update* Tornado threat is diminished, but straight line winds continue to be a major threat.

*Update* Flash flooding a real issue right now. Relief vehicles reporting getting stuck in high water.

*Update* Norman PD reporting a tornado at Rock Creek.


*Update* Funnel updated over Tinker AB with over 100 MPH inbound winds.

*Update* Moore police report funnel cloud having passed over Moore City Hall.

*Update* A photo of the Weather Channel storm chase vehicle.

*Update* Tornado currently heading towards Tinker Air Force Base.

*Update* Watching the News9 feed. Tons of massive power flashes. Wind reports have winds exceeding 100 MPH at times.


*Update* They're reporting potential circulation in northern Moore


*Edit* Tornado currently threatening Oklahoma City proper. I-35 and I-44 are like a parking lot. Potential disaster in the making.

*Edit* New tornado in Mustang, OK. Also PD reporting mother and child previously missing have been found dead. First reported deaths in this ongoing storm.


*Update* Storm cell is approaching the OKC area. Lots and lots of circulation. PD reporting mom and child missing from car in the area where the tornado crossed the highway.


*Update* Second tornado from same cell.

*Update* Live stream for KFOR Live stream for News9

*Update* KFOR is reporting that cars were overturned as the tornado crossed Highway 81 including a Weather Channel van. The tornado is wobbling making it difficult to predict the direction. It's like a hurricane.


*Update* Holy crap this thing is massive. Cops and chasers keep getting caught in it.


*Update* Passing south of El Reno. Current path has it aimed at Mustang.

Big tornado heading its way. Keeping track of the various news feeds is giving me a headache. The chasers for News9 are thoroughly unprofessional. Too much fighting between each other for attention, and they got chastised on air for getting too close. Absurd.


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