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Elseworld: What would be your dream Film Justice League team be?

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As nearly all of you will know, DC and Marvel have announced there movies up in till 2020 (personally I think that this is a mistake because it takes out the element of surprise and basically ruins any sense of danger). This includes both Justice League and Justice League 2 which will likely have Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Captain Marvel, Green Lantern, the Flash and Cyborg featuring at some point.


But what if, in another universe, you were in charge of DC cinematic universe? Lets say you were quickly put in charge after Man of Steel and still in your cyan and indigo kitty cat one-piece pajamas are told to choose who would be in team for Justice League and what the film will be like.


Who would be in your team? Who would play them? Remember you have a budget so you can't have all triple A cast. Also what tone would you have as many of us disagree with what tone the DC films seem to be going.

Basically this is just us talking about our fan fiction so have fun.

My team:

Power Girl: Olivia Thirlby, Leader of my Justice League team
Wonder Woman: Gina Torres, Second in Command
Superman: Henry Cavill
The Flash (Jesse Quick): Gianna Jun
Ray Palmer: Tony Robinson
Doctor Fate: Tamer El Said
Batman: Ben Affleck


Tone: Darker then the Marvel movies (note darker not grim and gritty) but not too dark. I would want a sense of comradery between the cast always have the theme of hope and friendship.

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