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Came across this old Tonight Show clip with Elvira and Vincent Price tonight. Pretty sure I wouldn't have always laughed at the cornball jokes in the talk show banter here (especially was never a fan of David Brenner, who died earlier this month), but definitely got a few chuckles out of watching this.

And to do my part in the great ODeck consolidation effort of March, this post is value-added.


Recently watched the 1956 "docufiction" On the Bowery. The fiction part comes in as this started out as a straight-up unscripted documentary, but that wasn't working out for director Lionel Rogosin, so with the help of couple of others he came up with just enough of a script to hang the visceral and all too real muscatel-soaked scenes of the Bowery. Watching and listening to the noise of those men (and a few women), you can almost smell the ripe, unwashed stench of booze, urine, and despair. Some films make you thirsty and wanting to join the party; this isn't one of them.

Speaking of films, are your movie selections influenced by seeing small leaves on the poster or DVD cover?

I know that back in the days when I still drove up to 5 miles in the snow to an actual video store, those little leaves bookending some film festival related quote drew my attention. Eventually, I was burned enough times that I learned they could be extremely meaningless. This 2011 (always pullin' the fresh content...) blog post on DigitalFilm Tree is a good read on just how much of a marketing tool those little leaves really are.


And finally, a tune I've been listening to the last couple of days:

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