I know there's lots of fans here of Dan Simmons' Hyperion. Am I the only one who gets only a couple of pages into The Poet's Tale: "Hyperion Cantos" and wonders if I will be able to stand the next 40 pages or so? It's clear from the beginning that Simmons is establishing Martin Silenus to be a character of cliches, but it's really piled on to an insufferable degree in the third chapter when it's time for Silenus to tell his story. I shelved the book after only 2-3 pages last night because I wasn't in the mood for a whole chapter written in the style of a drunk-poet-literature-name-dropping-caricature.

So, can I expect it to get better a bit further in? Should I try to just take the style less seriously and try to grin and bear it until the next character's story?

Genuinely curious as to the experiences of folks who have read through the book already, avoiding spoilers of course.

OT Kinja question: How do I italicize a word in the title? <em></em> doesn't seem to work anymore.