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Embarrassing Songs Challenge! (or, What Is This I Don't Even...)

♫UkuleleDan's mixtape contest and a few other recent posts have gotten me in a music-posting mood. So I thought, why not have a little fun with it?


The Challenge: In the comments below, embed or link to a video of a song that you're kind of embarrassed to admit you like. Explain why this is so, or just let the video speak for itself.

There will be no "winner" selected, nor is there a prize — unless you count the sweet cathartic release of mortifying yourself publicly on the internets. And I think you should.

Here's my own secret shame:

Yes, that Shaun Cassidy, the guy who created American Gothic and Invasion. You did know he's David Cassidy of "Partridge Family" fame's little brother, right? My sister used to have his Tiger Beat posters all over her wall, right next to Leif Garrett and The Bay City Rollers.


...tell you the truth, I still think it's a pretty kickin' tune.

Pointing and laughing is, of course, expected and encouraged.

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