Let’s talk about those Emmy nods! I have a lot of conflicted feelings. I bet you do too.

First, TATIANA MASLANY! Hooray! I really hope she wins, but even if not, the nomination is a victory for the Clone Club.

Second, I’m pretty happy to see Mayim Bialik nominated. I know TBBT isn’t that popular around here, but I’m just happy to see any of the nerd ladies from that show get some love.

But now, the bitter with the sweet...Outlander. This freshman show (which I am a fan of, as you could probably tell from my recaps) got one nomination. ONE. Granted, it was for Bear McCreary for his beautiful score, but I can’t believe the triad of Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, and Tobias Menzies didn’t get anything. The show didn’t even get any other technical nods like costuming, production design, cinematography...zilch. It’s a crime.


But that’s me...anybody else react with happy surprise or outrage at the nominations?

Full list of nominees here: