The latest issue of Empire has the first picture from behind the scenes of Duncan Jones' currently-filming Warcraft movie. Whilst it doesn't show off much, we do get a fleeting glimpse of the look of one of Azeroth's most important locations.

The header picture, zoomed in on Jones' two monitors, gives us a look at the movie's rendition of what appears to be the throne room in Stormwind Keep, which is at this point in the Warcraft timeline the seat of Llane Wrynn, the father of the current king and leader of the Alliance in World of Warcraft, Varian. The faintest hints of the Alliance/Stormwind heraldry and Stormwind's trademark stone architecture give off a an aesthetic vibe highly reminiscent of Warcraft's slightly cartoony artstyle, but grounded in realism.

The full picture gives us a slightly better look at what's going on on the left-hand monitor, a partially obscured shot of a soldier clad in armour over Jones' shoulder - pretty much a pitch perfect recreation of the armour worn by the soldiers of Lordaeron in the original Warcraft RTSes.


Warcraft is currently scheduled for a March 2016 release.

[Header image via WoW Insider, full picture via Superhero Hype]