Space Recruit here. After an unexpected surge in traffic as everyone else got as pissed as I did about the kidnapped girls in Nigeria, I find myself in need of 8k US eyeballs by 9am PDT tomorrow morning to meet my monthly quota. You tell me what you'll share, and I'll write it.

I didn't expect April to be a high-traffic month, and I would really rather live in a world with less traffic if it also meant no kidnapped girls. But the universe doesn't listen to me, and now I'm at the numbers in shock. If I get 8k US readers onto the subsite today, I'l hit my required quota to turn this into an ongoing gig.

So, here's my offer. I'll stay at my computer all day today writing. You tell me what physical sciences stories you want to share around your networks, and I'll try to get them written. Have a general topic area? I'll dig around my drafts-folder to see if I can finish something up and move it ahead in the publication schedule.

And hey, here's a whole bunch of posts from April in case any of them look attractive to share around!