Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Endings and Titles Are Elusive

For all of my stories, my approach about the endings tend to fall into one of two categories: The “I know every detail of it and I just need to meet up with it once I get there” and “How the feck am I supposed to end this bloody thing?”. I’ll find myself getting to a certain part of the last part and just stall out, thinking “Yeah, I got nothing.” Rather than letting it rot in story purgatory, I’m deciding to bother you guys about it because you guys are my best resources. Scary, I know but it is what it is.

Here’s the basic gist of my latest problem child:

*Girl walked into her twin brother’s office looking for help. Surprisingly nonchalant, she talks about how she was approached with a new job offer which she turned down and now the guy is getting more aggressive and she’s looking to take action.


*It’s not until several arrows fly into room and she retaliates with some arrows of her own that she reveals that the offer was from Cupid, asking her to become one of his archers. She goes into greater details about what happened and asks him if he has any ideas of how to end things.

*Cut to the two of them at a restaurant, the girl playing on her phone with a takedown bow lying on the table, and Cupid walks up to their table. Aaaannd that’s all I got.


So far, the tone of it is a lighter tone. Even with Cupid him, I’m picturing him more like your boss’s boss who comes in and glad hands rather than John Glover or Ray Wise levels of sinister.

Feel free to give suggestions for the ending and for the title. If you’d like to read it to get a better idea of the story, let me know and I’ll try to email it to you.

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