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"Endtime" (Continuum 1x10)

In the first season finale of Continuum, all of this has happened before and all of this will happen again. Spoilers ahead...

After all the time travel machinations and competing ideologies, the central conflict of Continuum, spanning two time periods, appears to be between Alec Sadler and his half-brother Julian, who are both trying to use Kagame (and Liber8) as their agents. What is less clear are the true motivations of each, and exactly whose version of 2077 we have seen up until this point (meaning, the one Alec wants or the one Julian wants). We are led to believe that Alec is trying to keep things the way they are, even going to far as to send a CPS agent back to 2012 to preserve the timeline, but perhaps not. It seems like Kagame/Liber8 succeeding would be bad for Alec, but then why doesn't he prevent the bombing? Maybe the resulting instability and fear of terrorism is what brings rise to the Corporations? If that's true, then is Julian's plan to let the bombing succeed and then try to undermine Alec's efforts after that? If so, he has to work through the new leader of Liber8 (Sonya), which seems risky considering Julian is presumably putting this plan together by talking to 2077!Kagame.


I liked the juxtaposition between the Alec/Kagame exchanges in 2012 and 2077 (even if the pebble/beach metaphor was a bit awkward, especially in the 2012 version), as well as how Kagame settles the Travis issue. I originally assumed that there would be a power struggle for control of Liber8 (between Kagame and Travis), but now there is a clear leader for the group going forward.

Although the idea of other time jumpers makes sense, it hasn't been explored until now. Possible crazy guy Jason (complete with tinfoil hat!) brings up the idea of "freelancers," but his comment that only one person could have developed the necessary tech, plus 2077!Alec's comments to 2077!Kagame about the device being the "culmination of his life's work" make that less likely. But, if that's true, how did Jason end up so much further in the past if he was part of the same time jump as Kiera (as he claims)? If the time jump was determined by proximity to the time vortex, the expected order of arrival would have been Liber8-Kagame-Kiera-Jason, but Kiera showed up before Kagame and Jason ended up in the 90s. And who is Escher? Is he a "freelancer"? If so, how/when did he get back to 2012?

Overall, I thought this was a decent end to a pretty solid season of television, and I'm interested to see where the series goes next season.

Some other thoughts (in the vein of the AV Club's "Random Observations") that didn't really fit in to the recap proper:

-Kiera and Kellogg actually did it!? I'm betting that he is "Escher" (although I'm not exactly sure how that works), but the fact that Kiera makes the decision not to go back to 2077 opens the door for more Kiera/Kellogg relationship stuff going forward.


-Kiera's "secret" is safe for now, thanks to Escher, but I'm sure she'll eventually have to spill it to Carlos. I don't think Seth McFarlane Lookalike Government Guy is going to let that one go either.

-I think that's the same square from 2077 where you first see the "flash-forward" conversation where Kiera "first" meets Alec (from her perspective, anyway).


Image from the Continuum Wiki.

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