Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

A nearly two year old post on a quack treatment has generated many posts by this person who is dangerous and should have her OT license taken away. Maybe even be jailed for endangering children. It is almost funny just how many errors she makes. I got a couple of replies myself, full of random CAPITALIZATION that are just full of errors including

  • Anecdotal evidence - she knows people where this worked.
  • Fantasy - Ropeworms, The fact that morphine is a "neurotoxin" and causes autism.
  • Misinformation. It's not bleach, it's chlorine dioxide. Which, incidentally is used to bleach wood pulp in paper making.
  • The usual bullshit - doctors don't want to admit they are wrong, it is done all the time in Latin America. It's textbook bad science.

So do I reply to have a little fun and maybe help somebody gullible who stumbles on this thread? Do I dismiss it to do my part in keeping these dangerous "therapies" on the fringes where they belong? Do I ignore it so people who see it can see how foolish it is?

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