Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Enough already, Kinja

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The commenting problems have been going on for at least a week. Sometimes you can comment, sometimes you click on the "reply" button and nothing happens. Sometimes reloading the page helps, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes closing the browser and reopening works, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes opening a private browsing window helps, sometimes it doesn't. One story works fine, another doesn't work at all. I mentioned it before and was told by a tech it might be "a browser problem." It has happened on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera on three different machines running Windows 7 and an iPad.


Expanding comments is back to an adventure also. Keep clicking some combination of "view all" and "show hidden" buttons and the comment balloons with numbers in them that randomly show you more while occasionally getting kicked back up to the top and maybe you will, actually, see all. Or maybe not.

And let me just point out, if it happens on any browser, it isn't "a browser problem," it is your problem that you couldn't get your software to work on their browser.

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