I'm watching the episode, "Two Days and Two Nights" and Captain Archer has been running around for the last six months without a break and doesn't want to take a break and relax. T'Pol stresses to him that he needs to relax.

Later, when Archer has checked in to his villa on the pleasure planet Risa for a vacation, T'Pol has sent along a gift to him, with a note, "To help you relax." The gift? The Teachings of Surak, complete and unabridged.

On the surface, this seems like a very Vulcan thing to do; after all, she's just trying to help him clear his mind... then we remember how much Vulcan philosophy bores Archer and we realize that she sent it along as a gag gift, a way of telling him to get some sleep.

T'Pol has a wicked sense of humor.