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But what you're really here for is a picture of Matt Smith spinning around. Work that frock coat, Doctor! (It's 2013 and we have a Doctor in a frock coat. That continues to amaze me.)

As part of their flurry of Doctor Who-mania this week, EW.com have mocked up some Paper dolls from their Photoshoot with Matt and Jenna for this week's magazine cover. Now, through the magic of Time and Space printing and cutting - or if you don't want to get all crafts-y, you could even Photoshop them! - you can enact our your very own Who fanfics with The Doctor, Clara, the Daleks, a Cyberman and some accessories (look at all those bowties!):



The Doctor:

Clara and Dalek Drone:


Time War Dalek:




As a very wise (and very curly haired) man once said, there's no point being grown-up if you can't be childish sometimes. Have fun!

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