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In a recent IO9 piece about the most essential epic fantasy books ever written, lightninglouie claimed that Peter S. Beagle's The Innkeeper's Song was the Velvet Underground and Nico of modern epic fantasy. High praise indeed, but let's make a game of it:

  • What would be the Sergeant Pepper's of epic fantasy fiction (Beatles)?
  • The Pet Sounds (Beach Boys)?
  • The Kind of Blue (Miles Davis)?
  • The Beggars Banquet (Rolling Stones)?
  • The Green Onions (Book T. & the MG's)?
  • The Ah Um (Charles Mingus)?
  • The Led Zeppelin IV (Led Zeppelin)?
  • The Millions Now Living Will Never Die (Tortoise)?
  • The The Message (Grandmaster Flash)?
  • The Out of the Blue (ELO)?
  • The Talking Book (Stevie Wonder)?
  • The Fun House (The Stooges)?
  • The Swordfishtrombones (Tom Waits)?
  • The Endtroducing..... (DJ Shadow)?

Or any other album you can think of.

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