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Episode Titles and Directors Revealed (Mostly) for Iron Fist

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So Bleeding Cool has revealed most of the episode titles and director credits for the Marvel Netflix Iron Fist show.


What’s interesting is that all these episodes appear to be titled after specific martial arts (specifically “Shoalin Kung Fu”) moves that Danny is trained in.

  1. “Snow Gives Way,” directed by John Dahl.
  2. “Shadow Hawk Takes Flight,” directed by John Dahl.
  3. “Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch,” directed by Tom Shankland.
  4. “Eight Diagram Dragon Palm,” directed by unknown.
  5. “Under Leaf Pluck Lotus,” directed by Uta Briesewitz.
  6. “Immortal Emerges from Cave,” directed by RZA.
  7. “Felling with Tree Routes,” directed by Farren Blackburn.
  8. “The Blessing of Many Fractures,” directed by Kevin Tancharoen.
  9. “The Mistress of All Agonies,” directed by Jet Wilkinson
  10. Unknown, directed by unknown.
  11. “Lead Horse Back to Stable,” directed by Deborah Chow.
  12. Unknown, directed by unknown.
  13. “Dragon Plays with Fire,” directed by Stephen Surjik.

Of note:

Notice how one of the directors is Kevin Tancharoen? Kevin Tancharoen is the brother of Maurissa Tancharoen, who is one of the showrunners of Agents of SHIELD. You probably know him more as the guy who directs awesome fights scenes like this one:

Or this one:

One thing I think we can say for sure: Iron Fist is going to have some kick ass fight scenes.


Also: “Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch” is an awesome name for a band.

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