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ESPN: The Marvel Body Issue

So, while I was strolling about the interwebs, I noticed a bunch of posts related to the ESPN: The Body Issue. I ventured over to ESPN.com to see if this annual pictorial exploration of athletic form and function was up on the site. While it isn’t, what is up on the site is The Body Issue: Marvel Super Heroes Edition (unlike the regular ESPN: The Body Issue, this is Safe for Work).

It is a quick read that has super-hero sketches as well as Marvel artists talking about their references when drawing super-heroes. It is a fun little bit of continued Marvel/ESPN synergy, if more a bit of fluff rather than substance.

But what really stuck out to me was the last quote of the piece.

If I need a reference, I have old bodybuilding magazines—guys like Frank Zane who have strong physiques but don’t look exaggerated. I take their figures and translate them into something that can work in a comic book.


That quote (emphasis mine) is by Greg Land. I must admit when I read it that it made me chuckle. It wasn’t so long ago that I posted about the new Spider-Woman solo book and learned from my fellow Odeckers that Land tends to reference other works more than a bit.

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