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EU 2014 elections

So the campaign for EU Parliament is almost over and voting is set to begin tomorrow in the UK - and on May 25th in most other countries. In an Europe divided by the economic crisis euro skeptics are at an all-time high (gleefuly fueled by nationalist parties - often in the extremes of the political spectrum), turnout is expected to be the lowest yet, in spite of the EU's voting campaign.

At least here, in Romania, I feel that all the parties have failed to provide any kind of decent alternative to vote for. The lists (and we still vote lists of people rather tthan individual EMPs) are mostly the same people from the last time. There are some parties that are less bad than others, but there are none that support all my major views: equality (social and economical), eco-friendliness (especially in the form of standing against cyanide mining and fracking and developing eco-friendly energy sources), and developing a sustainable economy (via serious reforms of the ways that got us into this economic mess in the first place). Actually I haven't seen any serious political program from any party. It's all vague hints in one direction or another. That's not entirely surprising seeing as it's been part for the course for the past 25 years around here.


Actually, discounting the extremist parties, the tiny ones that don't represent my views in any credible way (or are likely to pass the electoral threshold at all), and the independents (two pro-life ones - seriously WTF?, some laughably bad ones, one that isn't technically allowed to be in this race and a couple that seem to be serving their own business interests) and the one that is the descendant of the communist party, there are two parties I could maybe vote for. But if I do agree with some of their stances and I know their EMPs aren't likely to be the ones accepting bribes and going to jail soon, they have been critical of the protests against the huge cyanide mining project at Rosia Montana - if not outright supportive of it.

Honestly it's pretty much a circus from start to finish - luckily Biden is paying us a visit to give all the media outlets something else to talk about. Like calling our PM "President. "

In the (sadly) immortal words of the Drunk Citizen: "Eu... pentru cine votez?" ("Who do I vote for?)

So, fellow EU ODeckers, how do you feel about the upcoming EU elections?

ETA: I forgot to add this link: VoteMatch - an app that links you to the MEPs and candidates that most agree with you on 20 recent EU Parliament votes. It's made by VoteWatch.eu which is an excellent resource for keeping up with votes and issues beeing discusseed at an EU level. You can also track who voted for what, when, their attendancendancee and so on. Excellent site.

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