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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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I just watched Eva 3.33, the other thread is far off the front page, and, holy shit, I want to talk about it. SPOILERS after the cut.







The movie itself:

  • I am super confused. Am I to understand that during the whole Utena & Anthy thing Shinji and Rei were doing at the end of 2.0, all the other EoE 2nd Impact stuff started happening? Stuff like the Black Moon rising and gathering souls (the checkered sphere just floating there). And then it just stopped halfway before everyone turned to Tang when Kaworu showed up?
  • Did the UN storm NERV between 2.0 and 3.0? Because the big NERV mural full of bullet holes looked pretty familiar as did all the bakelite. Did some kind of war happen or was this all rampant Angel attacks?
  • WTF all those red Evas! And how does that inverted pyramid stay up? What's in it?
  • Love the Macross vibe of the Wille crew. When the Wunder started prepping, I started screaming, "OMG, it's going to transform like the Macross!" Instantly loved the old bald guy.
  • The Wunder looks like it's made of old Eva parts. It has a yellow Eva head on the bow and the loopy things look like that slinky skeleton Angel that Mari fought in 2.0.
  • Misato is such a badass! She's Captain Gloval, Captain Harlock, and Nadia's Captain Nemo all rolled into one. Plus, she's leading the last of humanity around on ships, fending off attacks like Bill Adama/Laura Roslin! Loved how hard Mitsuishi Kotono made her. Our little Usagi is all grown up.
  • Maya's lesbianism is finally confirmed! lol
  • Shiji's baby food is delivered anonymously. Reminded me of The Andromeda Strain.
  • Who is running NERV, anyway? Is Gendo doing all the jobs, dressed in various disguises like Dracula?
  • Anyone figure out that giant hexagram (dodecagram?) next to Rei's hut?
  • Where is Kaji?
  • Where is Toji?!
  • I don't really care what happened to Kensuke.
  • Lol, the Wunder contains Wonder Girl's soul.
  • Why does Asuka's eye hole glow blue? Is it not an empty socket?
  • Black Suit Rei is not as evil as I was led to believe. Love how Asuka told her to do what she wanted, and she was all, "Lates, bitches. I wanna live."
  • That shogi scene with Fuyutsuki's, "Oh, the lights are back on," was straight out of Utena. Were Yoji Enokido or Kunihiko Ikuhara involved at all?
  • Movie, you gave me lots of yummy Kaworu x Shinji piano playing, but you denied me my bath scene and cut off Beethoven's 9th too early. Shame.
  • I never thought I'd say this, but poor Shinji. NERV and Seele both played him like a harp - playing piano, mind-breaking revelations, Toji's shirt. His breakdown scene was amazing, and I can't fault him this time for turning into a sack of wet noodles.

The preview:

  • Olive green Evas?! Are these the new iteration of the Production Series?
  • Eva 4.0's Japanese title is the end bracket of a musical repeat sign. That is some samsara, "it has all happened before..." awesomeness right there.
  • Also, it's written using the old エヴァンゲリオン (EVANGELION) katakana instead of the new ヱヴァンゲリヲン (YEVANGERIWON) and calls it "New Evanglion Theatrical Film" instead of "Evangelion New Theatrical Film" like the other films. Interesting.

My brain hurts in a good way.

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