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My brains... I think I've lost them all. Or perhaps they've turned into tang. I'm not sure. SPOILERS OBVIOUSLY

HFS. That movie was intense. And crazy. And awesome. And crazy. Did I mention it was crazy?


I literally just watched it about ten minutes ago so forgive me if my thought process is somewhat... scattered, because I am still reeling from it all. In any case, if you have not seen the movie and do not wish to be spoiled anymore, turn the FUCK away. Seriously.

I'm not kidding, spoilers ahoy.


Okay, I warned you.



1) IT'S BEEN FOURTEEN YEARS. Seriously, I did not see that coming. I mean, given how much the characters' looks had changed and how there was a giant space whale Evangelion-thing I figured some time had passed, but I really did not anticipate the massive time jump. At the most, I was speculating that somehow Shinji had altered the timeline or somesuch thing, but nope, he's been in stasis for a decade and a half or, to put it in simpler terms, as long as he'd been alive up until that point. Wow.

2) Man, was I ever on the wrong track when I said that it seemed like Rebuild was going to skip all the crazy philosophy, plot twists, and mindfuckery that the original series is (in)famous for. You Can (Not) Redo is just one big cup of that, tinged with a spoonful of mecha action clumped around the beginning and the end. I have to wonder what people who've only seen the first two Rebuild movies are thinking now, given how much is being thrown at them all at once now. Personally, I loved it, as that was kind of my favorite part of NGE to begin with, but I'm sure it's a lot to take in.

3) Did I mention there was a giant space whale? I think I did. And there totally was. Well, actually it never went into space precisely (although I'm pretty sure it could have) and it's more like a giant Evangelion that can fly and is piloted by Misato and the bridge crew rather than a single pilot, but it still A) flies and B) totally looks like a whale (skeleton). It's also completely awesome.


4) Man, Shinji never gets a break. Ever. In any timeline/universe/whatever. I feel bad for the kid, even though he really does screw up massively in this movie (and the previous one).

5) Mari and Asuka are a kickass combo. I want to see more of them! Sadly, we only see them very briefly in this movie, although I think Mari may still get more lines/action in this movie than she did in 2.o (not sure about Asuka). Seriously though, I would actually be really interested in seeing what the hell those two were up to during the intervening fourteen years. I know we probably never will find out, but the fact that I want to know speaks to how well these two work in tandem.


6) So many answers. And so many new questions. I love it.

7) On one final trivial note, something that surprised my brother and I as we watched the film is how similar some of the ideas were to a few that he and I had discussed about a potential sequel to the original show. Like Eva 3.33 it was set 14 years later, featured the development of an Evangelion star/airship of some sort, Evas refitted for use in space, and an event known as Near-Third Impact (although I actually called it the Near-Impact Event). However, in most other respects the concept was pretty wildly different, but nonetheless ,it was a weird coincidence.


At this point, I have no idea what to expect from Eva 4.0, though I'm way more hyped for it than I was before 3.33 since I now know that Anno and company are willing to take some serious risks and change things up while simultaneously having the ability to pull it off satisfactorily (or awesomely, more like).

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