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Even More Arrow News!

So, season 3 has officially started filming!, and we have exciting ComicCon news and the official season 3 description! Small spoilers for season 3. And The Flash casting!

Here's the official season 3 description:


First of all Det. Lance LIVES! I was pretty sure he was going to be back, but I'm so glad to have that confirmed! More, det. Lance and Felicity scenes, please! (Who'd watch a show with just these two solving crimes together?)

I'm not crazy about more Oliver's personal life angst, as much as I ship Oliver/Felicity. Please solve this early writers, it's getting really old.


(pic via Emily Bett Rickards on twitter)

But before season 3 there's San Diego Comic Con! The WB are apparently trying to one-up Marvel's CC events. This year they might do it, because Stephen Amell is hosting the whole thing! And yes, the whole cast will be there!


And speaking of the Amells, Robbie Amell (Stephen's younger cousin) has just joined The Flash spin-off as Firestorm!

I have to say, for someone who had little to no knowledge of the DCU (and a total Marvel person) before the previous season, these shows are turning me into quite a fangirl. The season premiere looks like it will be quite explosive!

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