Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Guys I am having to type this on my work PC. This is because my laptop I bought back in January is being mean and cruel. It is just freezing and locking up and the event log is giving me no clear path as to the cause.

I haven’t done anything really numbskull-ish that I can think off. I haven’t downloaded any software, in fact the only thing I’ve downloaded is the church flyer PDF. I hope the church pc dosen’t have a virus, but I am thinking it might be that, either that or spyware/PUA based on the event logs.


There’s no real rhyme or reason, it just locks up and will look like it will respond but nothing happens when you click. It seems to be an issue when Chrone or the Event Viewer are open so I have everything closed and just Sophos Endpoint running a scan. If it doesn’t come up with anything before I leave at 5, I guess it’s off to Best Buy for a re-install. I tried going back to the Restore Point on the 21st of April but nothing changed.

Anyway, that’s my story. How is your relationship with your technology? Talk about that or whatever else you want to talk about. Open threads for everyone!

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