Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Every year, I get invited to a Halloween Horrorthon by some of my friends. There is usually about 20 or so people consisting of Wiccans, movie junkies, nerds and a military Judge and it's normally real fun.

This year, I've been asked to help organizing the event, specifically picking out which films to be shown. There has to be eight and two have already been picked out. The original Wicker Man as the finale (a tradition) and Ghostbusters 2 as the opener (as most us are seeing the original in 4K the previous night).


At the moment I'm thinking of using Return of the Living Dead, The Invisible Man, From Dusk Till Dawn, Vampire Hunter D, Hellboy and Varan the Unbelievable to get some verity but have to make sure there okay with the organizer first.

What films would you choose for a Halloween Horrorthon if you were in the same situation as I am? Would you want to keep it light or go for a full out gorefest? Would you want a verity or keep it on a specific type?

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