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Everything About This Is Wrong: Objectifying Emma Watson For A "Good" Cause

As you may have read, the obscenely public backlash against Emma Watson's speech before the UN took the form of someone threatening to humiliate her, by releasing alleged nude photos— complete with a countdown to the event.

This was a hoax. An obscene, cruel hoax, and an act of such hypocrisy that I'm struggling to find words to capture it.


The responsible party claims that they were hired by celebrity publicists, as a response to last week's grandiose theft and release of hundreds of private photos, from a gamut of celebrities. (Which in no uncertain terms was a sex crime.)

This new publicity stunt has been revealed as an open appeal to dismantle and shut down 4chan, using every click, share, and tweet over the 'EmmaYouAreNext' debacle as its ammunition.

Yes, what happened last week was vile. But this grotesque stunt is no better. The original hacker invaded the privacy of dozens of people. This stunt has destroyed Emma Watson's. Yes, those photos were stolen, and it was an unquestionable violation. But at no time were these actresses threatened in advance. They weren't punished for doing exemplary work, and for demonstrating a sterling example to the fans that looked up to them.


Yes, it is wrong to steal private materials from these women. It's wrong to publish them without their consent. It's every bit as wrong to objectify another person, to threaten her, to promise public humiliation, and be doing so with an agenda.

Objectifying and threatening a person to show that it's wrong to objectify and threaten a person has got to be the stupidest, foulest way to try to get your point across. It is obscene, it is inhumane, and it's a blatant act of hypocrisy.


Shame on you.

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